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I absolutely love the developmental appropriateness and invitation to play embedded in all the Sense•able Play kits – it’s a win with my own little boy and my clients.
Gina Rencken, Mom & OT
Thank you for so much fun, Sense•able Play!! Faith loved her goodie box and her friend joined in on the fun too… good messy fun!!
Che' Randall, Mom of 2
Just received my first monthly’ Sense•able Play box and it is AMAAAZING!!!! Cannot believe how much is in the box! Can’t wait to get started!!! Thank you so much for all the thought that has gone into every detail. Us busy moms have all good intentions to recreate what we see on Pinterest but never actually find the time. So looking forward to this monthly subscription.
Tammy Pienaar, Mom & Business Owner
Got my box delivered yesterday! So excited to gift this to a new mom! Thanks, Sense·able Play for putting ready made fun activities together for busy moms.
‎Bailey Hildebrandt‎, Mom & Momtrepreneur
From the sensory boxes to the monthly boxes, Kirsten from Sense•able Play truly does everything with complete and utter excellence. My baby boy loved his stimulation box and sensory hoop and now we have signed up to the monthly subscription boxes and he is loving them. He knows where they are kept and stands by the cupboard crying for us to do the activities. Some excellent activities and so easy to use, even our Nanny enjoys doing the activities with him.
Chantel Robert, Mom of 3
My 3-year-old has fun learning his shapes with the shape puzzle blocks! Thank you Sense•able Play for these awesome products.
Michela Van Niekerk‎, Mom & Business Owner
Love my sensory blocks. Can’t wait for Liam to use them and develop his senses in a fun way. So beautifully made! Thank you xx
Chantal Neilson, Mom & Teacher
You have helped me many times with suggestions and advice on my many questions on education. I know your boxes are going to help lots of moms and kiddos!
Mandy Minnaar, Mom & Business Owner
My daughter loves her sensory hoop! Thank you Sense•able Play!
Cheslyn Hemsley, Mom of 4 & Pastor
You were an amazing teacher to my son (now 13) and saw his need for OT before we did. Your advice has impacted his life and we loved the way you knew his heart and desires. We wish you every success with Sense•able Play – wish it was around when my two boys were little.
Debra Barnes, Mom & Swim Coach

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