Sensory Box


Ages 6 months – 6 years

Our sensory box includes a sensory bin, sensory art and sensory playdough kits.

Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are hands-on tools for children to explore their world through senses. Sensory play may calm, focus, and engage a child. Children can improve fine motor skills through scooping, grasping, stirring, and pouring with a variety of tools

Sensory Material – Pour the coloured rice, sand and recycled plastic beads into the container, add the shells and creatures. Allow your child to find them and scoop them out, sieve through the material and funnel the items out and have fun.

Sensory Art

Sensory art consists of specific art activities that relate to your child’s senses such as touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. By providing a variety of sensory play activities your child will naturally learn how to explore, investigate and create. These are the beginning steps to raising creative thinkers. The following art activities below are designed to provide your child an opportunity to explore and create through the sense of touch. It is important to remember that sensory art is about the process and exploration and not the end result of the artwork. Let your child have fun and explore! The box includes 8 different painting techniques.

Sensory Playdough

Sensory playdough motivates children to explore its sensory qualities. Strengthens small fingers, hands and wrists. Builds children’s imagination as they play with it, creating as they wish. … It’s calming and helps children relieve stress through their hands. The box consitis of 120g play dough, playdough mat, sensory roller and a cookie cutter.