About us


Sense•able Play is a proudly South African company, that was started with one question, during a conversation “I wish you could put your ideas in a box for me, I would buy it!”. That was the start of a beautiful new chapter, the first box was developed, Baby Stimulation Box 1.0.

Sense•able specialises in baby and child products which encourage home based, one on one, educational & physical stimulation from 2 months onwards. All our products are developed by a registered therapist and mom, with your litte ones development at heart.


Candice du Preez, owner of Sense•able Play

 The name “Sense•able Play” comes from:

  • ‘Sense’ is for the stimulation of the 5 senses – touch, see, smell, taste and hearing

  • ‘able’ as we enable you to start developing your little ones early in life

  • ‘Play’ as our goal is to encourage learning & development through play


Our products are made with love and care and from natural wood and painted with Non-toxic paint. 

Sense•able Play products are endorsed by:


Sharon Buckle – Registered Nurse & Owner of Hillcrest Baby Clinic



Dr. Nadia Khan – Pediatrician at Hillcrest Hospital